Mike Milken frequently gives talks, writes articles and leads discussions on a range of topics relevant to the Institute, including medical research, education, public health, philanthropy and access to capital. More details are at www.mikemilken.com. Following are several items that illustrate the intersection of Mike's views and the Institute's mission.


Global Conference Materials


Selected Articles

Lessons from a Lifetime of Philanthropy
Michael Milken On Change (Forbes 100 Greatest Business Minds)
How Technology Liberates Human Capital
Three Ways to Find More Disease Cures
Four Decades of Advancing Health
Finance and a Strong Society
How Housing Policy Hurts the Middle Class
To Renew Prosperity, Focus on Human Capital
Companies Should Lean In Too
Book Foreword: The Upside of Aging
Delivering on the Promise to Young Scientists
Ten Reasons to Reaffirm America's Commitment to Bioscience
Investing in Science, Reaping Rewards
Why Capital Structure Matters
Components of Prosperity
Prosperity rests on human and social capital
Toward a New American Century

Selected Videos

Think Differently: A Conversation with XPrize founder Peter Diamandis
Mike and New York Times columnist David Brooks
Mike speaking at the Cleveland Clinic (with Introduction by the Clinic)

Selected Presentations

Health Reform Powerpoint Presentation
Slides from Mike's presentations
“Creating a New Golden Age of Medicine (20th annual Samuels Lecture at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston)