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The world faces no challenge more crucial than improving public health. Remarkable strides have been madeincreasing longevity, eradicating smallpox and virtually eliminating polio, and advancing life-saving treatments for HIV/AIDSbut much work remains to be done.

Chronic diseases resulting from poverty, obesity, sedentary lifestyles, eating disorders and tobacco use place extraordinary costs on families and economies on a regional, national and international basis. Alzheimer's and the afflictions of age also impose massive burdens. Communicable diseases threaten lives across the globe, and risks from food- and water-borne illnesses, bioterrorism and drug-resistant "superbugs" loom large.

The Center for Public Health at the Milken Institute is dedicated to finding solutions to complex public health challenges as an integral part of the Institute's mission to improve lives and build human capital. We believe that extending life and promoting health and wellness at all ages are among the most effective strategies for spreading prosperity and empowering people in America and across the globe.

CPH is solutions-driven. Building on the Institute's proven track record and expertise, we employ the tools of applied research, economics, public policy and communications. We reach out, convene and collaborate with like-minded institutions and thought leaders in business, government, philanthropy, education and the media to shape system-level solutions to the world's most urgent health challenges.

Because a thriving economy requires a healthy workforce, we explore critical issues such as the burdens and costs of chronic disease and assess the potential economic impacts of changes in policy. From ending childhood malnutrition, to enhancing aging lives in a world of rapid demographic change, to encouraging business innovations that drive a new culture of health and wellness, CPH works to ensure the opportunity for health and economic well-being for people everywhere.

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Ed Greissing
Executive Director, Center for Public Health